Submission Guidelines and Considerations

Submission Guidelines and Considerations

We're going to stop accepting new submissions on Dec. 1 so that we can pay attention to those which have arrived since September.  We'll open for more new ones in March.


Do you have a creative book project that you would like us to consider for publication? Here is how to get started.

What we ask for at present is an email to this address describing your project or manuscript.  We publish poetry, short stories, novellas, novels, plays, and creative non-fiction.  So tell us what you have and send us a sample.  If we are interested we will contact you and ask to see the full ms (doc or docx is fine) if it complete.  If we are not interested, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Once we express interest and receive your full manuscript, it will be given to at least two outside readers who will read the work carefully and evaluate it.  Based on their evaluations we will offer to publish it for you as it is or with revisions, or we will decline the opportunity.  We often have suggestions from our readers on ways to improve the work.  We pass those along to you whether or not we decide to publish your work.

You should know that we are a small press without a large budget for promotion or advertisement.  We depend on the author to do most of that.  Several of our authors have done amazing jobs in promoting their work, organizing readings and signing events at their local libraries or bookstores, reading their works on various radio shows or at other public events, getting their works reviewed in local papers or literary journals.  We, of course, will send out 10-15 copies to various newspapers, journals, and magazines for review and will maintain a web presence through our press sites.  The author also gets 20 free copies to use for promotion or to show or just give to friends.  Beyond that, authors can buy more books from us at the wholesale price, the price bookstores pay to stock the book.

Authors do not pay us anything.  They receive royalties (20% of profits from the sale of their books) after their distribution thresholds are reached.  A threshold is a certain number of books that must be sold for us to recover our expenses in publishing  the book.  Expenses include payments made to readers, editors, artists, graphic designers, typesetters, printers, ebook maker, etc. Usually this works out to be about 200 books, unless there were unusual expenses.  We generally succeed at keeping our expenses relatively low. After that threshold is reached the author gets 20% of all the profits made from the sales of the book.  As the book reaches higher thresholds (200, 500, 1000) the author gets a larger percentage of the profits (30%, 40%, 50%).  The books, once they are completed and approved, become available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble within about a week.  Through our distributor, Ingram Content Group, they quickly become available all around the world.  We are also able to make books available in ebook format.  Nowadays ebooks come with a (computerized) text-to-speech capacity so that listening to the book is possible. 

So far we have published 53 books since we started in 2005.  You can see them if you go to Amazon and do a search using "Blazing Sapphire Press."  That is the main press name, though we publish as "Naciketas Press" and "Golden Antelope Press."  Check them all out on Amazon.  Blazing Sapphire is for works relating to the literature, philosophy, and religions of India (Neal's area of expertise).  Naciketas is for works of general interest and research that have no or little connection with India, and Golden Antelope is for creative works (Betsy's area of expertise).  That pretty much completes the essential information about our press and how it operates.

If you have any questions or would like to pitch a book, just send us an email at the site email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  Also check the various websites for Golden Antelope, Nacitketas, and Blazing Sapphire for news and updates.

Neal and Betsy Delmonico