Don Tassone Podcast Interview with Your Working Life Guru

Caroline Dowd-Higgins, Global Career Expert and author of This is Not the Career I Ordered, interviewed Don Tassone last week and put the results online as a 17-minute podcast.  Her major questions:  How does a high-powered workaholic executive like Don Tassone move from the corporate life to the life of a creative writer? And how much of that move informs Drive?  Here's a bit of Tassone's answer:  "I took some time to decompress.  I wrote a couple of stories and showed them to friends, and . . . they weren't very good.  I'd spent so many years writing memos, being brief, that I needed training to remember what I'd loved, to be creative, to expand."  It's well worth the 17-minute listen.  And Drive, Tassone's new novel about a high-powered workaholic executive, is well worth a read.