Praise for Don Tassone's DRIVE--Released Today (Sept. 22, 2017)

Don Tassone's novel, Drive, was officially released on Sept. 22, 2017.  Christine Sneed, author of several best-sellers, did a Q & A with Tassone on Friday to celebrate the occasion.  Check her blog at

Drive traces the growth of Nick Reynolds, corporate executive for Elgin Foods International. Advance praise comes from Eric Dezenhall, public relations crisis manager for mega-clients and author of The Glass Jaw and Damage Control: The Essential Lessons of Crisis Management.  

One of the biggest challenges I have with certain clients is convincing them to take a vacation from the platitudes and dogmas that have enslaved them. You're dealing with egos and, with egos, the answer to everything is ‘more me.’ Sometimes the situation calls for less you.  After years of corporate drudgery, Drives Nick Reynolds has finally reached the breaking point in a profit-and-loss life and goes on the lam from his own existence."     


The novel is structured around Nick's solo trip from Chicago to Maine.  As he crosses the country we get flashbacks which, taken together, let us see how and why a music-loving kid became a bully and lost his connections with others, including his wife and children.  As Dezenhall says:

"Tassone’s adventures in the realm of big business give him the credentials to examine a man pushed over the edge by everyday stresses. He also has the sly voice to make readers wonder how it will all end for Nick in the same manner we wonder the same thing about ourselves.”— Eric Dezenhall, author of Glass Jaw


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