Steven Wineman's The Therapy Journal is coming soon

Golden Antelope Press is proud to present a superb new novel by Steven Wineman entitled The Therapy Journal.  We expect the book to be released within the next month (August/September).  Keep an eye out for the announcement and a link to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  This is a novel you don't want to miss.


Becky Hoffman, therapist, blocks memories of her own childhood sexual abuse; however, her memories, personified as Angry Child, surface as she works with Lathsamy--a traumatized and now bi-polar patient--and as she confronts her own unplanned pregnancy and dysfunctional family. As Becky learns and grows, so do readers learn--about why and how parents mishandle sibling abusers, for instance.  Though Wineman depicts Child Becky as having a separate voice, and as locked inside her adult self, the PTSD behaviors he describes are spot on. Wineman has decades of experience in community mental health, and a gift for sensitive, compassionate portrayals of difficult people.

Therapy Journal comes out of the author’s personal and professional experience with the aftermaths of child abuse. He put in 35 years as a community mental health worker in the Boston area; his father was nationally respected as an advocate for children's rights and an expert on abused children; his wife was a care and protection lawyer whose focus was the welfare of abused children. Wineman’s brother, the sportswriter known as ML Curly, spent years in prison for pedophilia.

Authorial family background may not be a conventional way to advertise a book of fiction, and we thought hard about whether to include these details. However, this book’s subject matter is controversial, involving suppressed and recovered memories, at a time when claims about such memories fly across the internet and scientists are just beginning to demonstrate neurological connections between trauma and later psychological disorders.  Biochemistry is not the novelist's responsibility.  Rather, Steven Wineman has created exquisite characters capable of showing his readers how humans do respond to, are destroyed by, or survive, abuse.

You can find other samples of his work on the internet: “Erving and Alice and Sky and Elisabeth” is beautifully done and especially relevant to Therapy Journal. He does guest commentaries on WBUR, Boston’s NPR station. Check out more of his essays at Wineman’s self-published Power-Under: Trauma and Non-Violent Social Change, is also available free online.

All royalties from Therapy Journal will go directly to three non-proftis: The Gatehouse, a Toronto organization providing support to individuals impacted by childhood sexual abuse; the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, committed to ending sexual violence through healing and social change; and Bay Area Nonviolent Communication in Oakland, CA.


Steven Wineman