Dave Malone's You Know the Ones now at Amazon

You Know the Ones is Now Available

at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

for Pre-order

Though poet Dave Malone's newest collection of poetry, You Know the Ones, will not be officially released until January 15, it is available for pre-order at Amazon (here) and at Barnes & Noble (here).  Those who ordered previously through PayPal will be getting their copies soon.  If you ordered through PayPal, do not order again through Amazon or Barnes & Noble (unless you want extra copies).

Here is a little sample of the poetic pleasures that lie within:

Blind Swordsman

Mr. Okamoto believed us musicians
as much as kids. With swift stroke of katana,
he drew the baton into blue sharpness.
If we were unruly children, he rapped
the long sword upon his music stand,
a deep black he must have loved.
In the sweltering gymnasium,
he baited us with Beethoven—
snagging even the smallest fish.