Watch Don Tassone, John Young, and Pat Averbach at the Ohioana Book Festival

 Don Tassone, John Young, and Patricia Averbach were zoomed from the Ohioana (virtual) Book Festival, discussing Contemporary Fiction on August 29. The panel was moderated by Robin Nesbitt, and in addition to our Golden Antelope authors featured Bonnie Proudfoot and Susan Patrone.  The zoom link is .

Don Tassone, Golden Antelope's most prolific author, has three books out from this press:  Get Back (short stories), Drive (novel) and Small Bites (short stories).  John Young's When the Coin is in the Air came out last year; it started life as a memoir, but grew into a memorable novel.  Pat Averbach's Resurrecting Rain (2020) has already been shortlisted for Chanticleer and Somerset Awards.