Jerry Burger's THE SHADOW OF 1915 has been uploaded!

Golden Antelope is happy to announce that Jerry Burger's wise and wonderful novel becomes available for purchase on May 13, 2019.



 How long is the shadow of genocide? How does it affect the offspring of the survivors? And how do survivors and their families retain a belief in justice when atrocities go unpunished? These questions are addressed in Jerry Burger’s novel, The Shadows of 1915. The story takes place in Central California in 1953, where Armenian immigrants and their families live one generation removed from the 1915 murder of more than a million Armenians at the hands of the Turkish government. An encounter between the sons of a genocide survivor and some Turkish college students forces each of the main characters--brothers Mihran and Arak Saropian, their mother Tarvez and uncle Henry, and Mihran's non-Armenian fiance Theresa, to make difficult decisions that pit loyalty to family and community against personal and legal standards of right and wrong. It is a story about a displaced group of people and the consequences of real historic events that have rarely been examined in fiction. It is also a story about culture, family, recovery from tragedy, and the nature of justice.


 Jerry Burger has conducted nationally recognized research in personality and social psychology.  He has published on obedience to authority, perceptions of personal control, and development of social norms. The Shadows of 1915 is his first novel, but his short stories have been published in Belleview Literary Review, Harpur Palate, Briar Cliff Review and other literary journals. His textbook, Personality, is now in its tenth edition; his study, Returning Home: Reconnecting with our Childhoods (2011), explores emotional attachments people develop with childhood homes.


(PS  Special thanks to our cover designer, Rusty Nelson, for working wonderfully and fast  on the cover for this book so that it will be available at the Armenian Cultural Festival in mid-May.)