Five Forthcoming Books!

Golden Antelope is proud to announce that it has five new books under contract and due out over the next several months.  (These are books we vetted in late 2018.)  Here's a very brief alphabetical listing. More information on each will follow.

Geoffrey Craig,  Shakespeare's Younger Sister.  Historical novel.  Follows the fictional Constance Shakespeare through the social, sexual, religious and political worlds of Elizabethan London.  Guess who really wrote "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!" and you'll soon be enjoying Craig's alternate reality.

Holly Day, Into the Cracks.  Poems.  These range from warm to icy as they touch the skin, bone, and nerves of a family, exploring its changing relationships--its heart--mainly through the perspective of an intense, youngish, mother.

Mary Fox, The Last Skipjack.   Historical novel.  Based on events in the 1950s and 1960s, Skipjack explores the interracial friendship of two amazing girls as manufacturing jobs die off and racial politics heat up, climaxing in the arson which destroyed most of the black businesses in Cambridge, Maryland, in 1967.   

Mark Guerin, You Can See More From Up Here.  Novel.  Walker Maguire, journalist, has been embedded with armies, trusted to see clearly and report accurately--and he does these things well.  But is it possible for him to see clearly the events which had estranged him from his family back during his college years, when he worked a summer job at the General Motors plant and fell in love with a poor girl from Mexico? Guerin's prose is especially rich.

John Young, When the Coin Is In the Air.  Novel.  Where does the impulse to bully come from?  How does one handle that impulse in oneself, in one's family?  Why does an intelligent woman stay in such a situation?  Young's protagonist, Jason Blake, must answer these questions as he confronts a physically abusive father and learns to work with a hyper-competitive older brother, making and re-making his own life choices.