Get Back: Twelve Short Stories by [Tassone, Don]THE BOOK: Get Back

PUBLISHED IN: March 2017

THE AUTHOR: Don Tassone

THE EDITOR: Betsy Delmonico

THE PUBLISHER: Golden Antelope Press.

Don TassoneSUMMARY: In a busy world, we can lose touch with who we really are and where we belong. This is a collection of 12 stories about people who, through time and circumstances, have become separated from their true selves — and, in one way or another, get back.

THE BACK STORY: After a long career in the corporate world, I decided to pursue cre-ative writing. In college, I majored in English. But three decades of business writing had nearly killed my creativity, so I went away to a week-long writing workshop to learn to write creatively again. I had to start over. After the workshop, I began writing short stories and getting them published.

Get Back is a collection of 12 of these stories. It was my first book. Writing these sto-ries was the result of my own journey back to one of my original interests.

WHY THIS TITLE: Paul McCartney wrote: “Get back to where you once belonged.” I drew from this.

WHY SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO READ IT: I hope this book will not only entertain but serve as an invitation to rediscover your original interests, to find your way back. No matter where you are, it is not too late, and it will light you up.


“Don Tassone's stories, like so much of what we love to read, are about the boy next door, growing up and finding a way in the world — a way that often involves finding a way back to one's first loves and dreams. Take a break from the over-serious world we live in and spend time remembering the way it was, the way it sometimes can be again. Though loss and sadness are here, this is ultimately a joyful, hopeful book.”

— Murray Bodo

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories in Get Back by Don Tassone. The collection explores themes of solitude, loss, and (re)connection and of holding on in stories that offer strong dialogue, character development, and description, as well as writing that is a pleasure to read.”

— Joanna Marshall

AUTHOR PROFILE: Don Tassone is the author of two short story collections, Get Back and Small Bites, and a novel, Drive. He also teaches at Xavier University in Cincinnati. He and his wife Liz live in Loveland, Ohio. They have four children.

AUTHOR COMMENTS: I write to make people think and feel more deeply. I hope the stories in Get Back do that.


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