News from Don Tassone

  • My book signing event for Small Bites at the Xavier University bookstore has now been scheduled for September 27.
  • Get Back will be featured on the Snowflakes in the Blizzard site in early September.  I submitted this because Snowflakes has done such a nice job on the postings for Drive and Small Bites
  • One of the women who attended the book club discussion of Drive in Columbus last week bought a copy of Small Bites, read it — and now wants her book club to read it in August.  I suspect she'll ask me to join for that discussion.
  • Small Bites now has 10 five-star customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Several of my friends have told me they've recently purchased copies of Small Bites at Joseph-Beth Booksellers.  I was there a few days ago and pleased to see all three of my books on display in the local authors section (photo attached).
  • The Kindle version should be out about August 1, 2018.