Lucinda Watson's Forthcoming THE FAVORITE, described by Richard Blanco

Here's Richard Blanco's description of The Favorite  by our newest poet, Lucinda Watson. 

Through poems that are as precise they are free-wheeling, as reserved as they are unapologetic, as private as they are confessional and public, The Favorite recasts the archetypal hero’s journey as a heroine’s journey. Watson tenderly, yet unabashedly, speaks to the allure and trappings of womanhood as she traces its arc from the innocent expectations of a girl, to the fear of a teenager forced to conform, to a fully actuated woman who is self-aware and fully alive with all her past and her future, her pain and healing, her losses and her newfound hopes.

Richard Blanco was Inaugural Poet at Barak Obama's second inauguration.

For a glimpse of Lucinda Watson's ways of thinking, click on this link: .