Please Fall INTO THE CRACKS with Holly Day


I have always found comfort in clutter and chaos, especially when it comes to the natural world and its battles with the order imposed by civilization. I delight in seeing spiders run out from underneath the sofa of a perfectly cleaned house, or watching ivy crack its way into a building's facade. For me, the pretense of order, in whatever form it takes, acts as a shield against the unpredictability and lurking chaos of the outside world.


That's what Holly Day said to us back in August, 2018, when she first sent samples of her poetry to Golden Antelope.  Since then, we've become more and more impressed with this brave and exacting writer, the one who finds ways to articulate chaos--and order too, when necessary--in poems which cover most all the cracks we humans, especially women, grow out of, fall into. . . .  


We're proud to announce that Into the Cracks was released on May 6.  For more, check out the press release under "Authors," or go to Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  And meanwhile, join in this bit of fantasy, the opening stanza of: 


"The Needle"


if you could play your fingerprints

with a phonograph needle

what do you think your song would be?

is there an SOS of pops and snaps

in the ridges of your thumbs

or is there an overture waiting to be heard

buried in the whorls of your index finger?