Don Tassone's DRIVE Is Out!


Nick Reynolds is a highly successful food company executive. He’s also a bully, feared by his employees and estranged from his wife and children. After his latest blow-up at work, Nick’s boss orders him to take the summer off and sort himself out. Angry and despondent, Nick sets off, alone, from his home in Chicago for Bar Harbor, Maine.

This is the story of what Nick experiences, learns and chooses along the way. It is a colorful and moving portrait of a man who must rediscover who he is and decide whether he can go on.

Author bio

Don Tassone has a passion for the written word and a degree in English. After a long career in the corporate world, he has returned to his creative writing roots. Drive is his debut novel. His short story collection, Get Back, was published in March 2017. He teaches at Xavier University in Cincinnati. He and his wife Liz live in Loveland, Ohio. They have four children.

Drive is now available here: .  It's also available on Amazon, though the cover image has not yet been uploaded.