Get Back by Don Tassone

Our second new book is called Get Back.  This is a collection of twelve short stories by Don Tassone, his first collection of printed stories, though most have been published online before.  These stories share the theme of discovery or actually of rediscovery, rediscovery of talents, pursuits, and loves once held dear, but lost on the way to "success" in life.  Don's stories are uplifting and encouraging, encouraging in the sense that they suggest we all might find our ways back, that is, "get back," to the things we once loved, valued the most, and since have lost.

Tassone met with great success in his life, yet it was in retirement that he was able to "get back" to the things he loved, one of which was writing.   His stories are carefully conceived and delightfully expressed.  They are sure to please sensitive readers.  Here is the shortest of his short stories which nicely embodies the theme of the book

 The Red Wagon

When he was a boy, he had a red wagon.  His earliest memories were of his mother pulling him down the sidewalk.

He remembered the little thump caused by each seam of the sidewalk. He remembered his mother giving him a box of animal crackers for the ride.  He remembered coming home, where she would give him a glass of cold milk.

Now his life is hard. But on his toughest days, when he might go mad, he closes his eyes and holds on to the sides of his red wagon, feeling the bumps on the sidewalk and going home again.


Golden Antelope Press is proud and pleased to present to the world the work of Don Tassone.  We hope to see many more fine things from him.  Don's book was released on March 15, 2017.   Keep an eye out for it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble over the next few days.