Tassone's SMALL BITES: 40 Short Stories Will Be Out June 4

Small Bites:  Forty Short Stories

by Don Tassone

We’re all busy these days. But we all love a good story. Small Bites was created with busy people in mind.

Many of the 40 stories featured in this collection can be read in about a minute. The longer ones might take half an hour. Stories are divided into three sections — appetizers, entrees and desserts — to fit all tastes and appetites.

So dive in. Try something deliciously new. Let these stories nourish you and leave you wonderfully satisfied.--Don Tassone


Praise for Small Bites


Small Bites offers a menu of short stories that produce a tug-o-war for the reader.  One end of the reading "rope" says, "Read faster!" because the stories are so appealing.  Tugging at the other end, a voice says, "Slow down!" because you don't want this book to end.

Small Bites offers small bits of wit and wisdom as it stirs readers' creative worlds of wonder.  Stories invite the reader to consider, "What might I do in that situation?"  That's a good reason to read slowly and allow Small Bites to lead into new realms of imagination. 

Small Bites extends an invitation to the reader to grow, to move beyond. Small Bites suggests new worlds to explore:  tender love, sci-fi, politics and prayer, the possibility of the impossible, sunrise and sunset, the sound of God's breath!  Prepare for aha moments in reading Small Bites.  Don Tassone rivals O'Henry in the art of surprise endings, often endings that are the beginnings of the reader's journey into deeper thinking.     ---  Patti Normile, author of Prayers for Caregivers