C. D. Albin

 C. D. Albin

C. D. Albin was born and reared in West Plains, Missouri.  He is the author of the story collection Hard Toward Home, for which he received the 2017 Missouri Author Award in Fiction.  He holds a Doctor of Arts in English from the University of Mississippi and has taught for many years at Missouri State University – West Plains.  His stories, poems, and reviews have appeared in a number of periodicals, including Arkansas Review, Cape Rock, Georgia Review, Harvard Review, Natural Bridge, and SlantAxe, Fire, Mule will be out this Spring.


Here is a sample:




The morning after there were

thick oaks and walnuts, barreled

lengths filling the field, and when


I walked among them I thought

of mares and colts bolting in

the wind-swirled night, fragile legs


snapping, bones jagged as the

broken ends of storm-lashed limbs.

But we were blessed, nine horses


out of nine, all huddled like

cattle in the far corner

of the pasture. They are fine,


Julie said, frightened but fine.

I thought so too until I

read their eyes, and through theirs, mine.