Larry Sherman Rogers

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Larry Rogers is a poet/songwriter. Growing up he lived for a while in Berkeley and Compton, California, but was mostly raised in a potting shed trailer in the piney woods of west central Arkansas--a sanctuary for moonshiners, marijuana growers, and merry pranksters.  He lives with his wife, Judy, in Fort Smith, Arkansas. They have two grown children, Lily and Hank.

 Live Free or Croak is a collection of his poetry.  A Vietnam veteran and longtime resident of west central Arkansas, Rogers draws on his sharp wit, playful love of words, and sensitive powers of observation to produce some of the finest snapshots of modern American country life available today. Rogers' poems are sweet, slow, mellow meditations with a bit of a sting sometimes. This collection of poetry will have readers laughing and wiping tears from their eyes at the same time.


We’ve never met Larry Rogers in person, but the poems speak for him, and indirectly for many of us. He’s a Vietnam vet with a wise heart, a careful eye, a sense of humor, and a knack for quiet symbolism. The book’s deliberately child-like cover was designed by his wife. (Please sample the seven-line poem, “For Mrs. Rogers,” on p. 48.) As poet B.C. Hall says, “Sometimes one picks up a little book and finds a gem, somewhat like stumbling across a forty carat diamond in a potato patch. Reading Rogers’ Live Free or Croak is very much like that.”