Interesting New Poem from Lisa Brognano

Poetry from Lisa Brognano

Photo: Erik Witsoe


The tick of the clock failed to move
her life forward
so she had to climb onto the wall
and adjust the hands

The very act of climbing
landed her foot on the filing
cabinet and her waist against the

She felt odd in that position
but it had to be done
in order to move her life forward,
the very thing that could move it

seemed so unreal. She should have
asked for help, consulted someone first
only there hadn’t been time,
the day was already there



Lisa Brognano is the author of the novels A Man for Prue (Resplendence, 2017) and In the Interest of Faye (Golden Antelope Press, 2017) as well as a book of poetry, The Willow Howl (Nixes Mate Books, 2017). Her poems and fiction have appeared in national and international literary journals. She holds two master’s degrees, one in English and one in Fine Art. The author lives in New York with her husband.