John Young Reviewed by Geoffrey Craig

John Young has woven a gripping, tension filled story that will not let you go. He has created an edge-of-your-seat plot that makes you want to find out what happens next. At the same time, he explores psychological themes of identity, personal growth, the nature of love and relationships and fears about one’s own genetic make-up.

While trying to establish himself and make his way in life, the main protagonist, Jason Blake ,is constantly confronted by his highly abusive father who becomes increasingly dangerous and threatening as the novel unfolds. I will not reveal how this plays out.

Young’s prose is both muscular and succinct. No spare words allowed. Young takes you right to the heart of the matter and makes you the witness to the raw emotions engendered by the violent father.

The characters are crisply drawn and well rounded, both those you love and care about and the one you come to fear and despise. 

The settings are amply described and easy to visualize.

The story is ultimately satisfying and full of good feeling and fundamentally likable people. Highly recommended for a captivating read.
              --Geoffrey Craig, author of Shakespeare's Younger Sister and The One-Eyed Man and Other Stories