D.R. Singh

D. R. Singh















Drupadi Singh boils like a curry brew of many different flavors produced by childhood and current influences: Hindu rituals and priests, a multi-religious mother, ancestral grandmothers who recited the Hindi Ramayana, a terribly strict father, calypso, steel bands, rastafarian music and language paranda. She was schooled under the universities of London and Cambridge and excelled in fiction-writing. She speaks West Indian dialect and Spanish. Her uncles would come over at night and tell stories for fun about socouyant, doen and lagahoo, fearsome mythical characters of the Caribbean underworld. Then they would end the evening playing music and singing with dhantal, dholak and harmonium if there was one.

She did a bit of journalism for the Express and then worked with the Ministry of Industry as a clerk for two years in Port of Spain. All along she maintained an interest in god and attended churches of all faiths. At the age of twenty-two she switched to full time retrospection. She has persisted with her philosophical pursuits and desires to share her ideas with the world. She enjoys salsa, the philosophy of the Beatles and the stories of Bharat Natyam. She loves to shop in Marianne, Old Navy, and Marshalls for chic fashion bargains, and, of course, to chill with friends drinking hot chai under a banyan or jackfruit tree, where else but at the nature rich zone of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus? Drupadi worships nature. She regrets that the jackfruit are removed green from the trees for security reasons. Her fables are for the purpose of upliftment and amusement. She extends her blessings with sweetness like the sunshine to one and all.